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Resources Blog Migrating yum to Nexus Repository Manager 3

Migrating yum to Nexus Repository Manager 3

Are you using Nexus Repository Manager 2’s yum support? If so, we need to hear from you!

As you may know, we’re in the process of building out yum support for Nexus Repository Manager v3 - we’ve released proxy support in NXRM 3.5.0, and our yum hosted support is approaching the finish line.

A Different Approach

We’re taking a different approach to implementing yum support than we did in Nexus Repository 2. Because of 2’s architectural limitations, we implemented yum support on top of maven2: you store your RPMs inside a maven2 repository, and a yum capability generates the yum-specific metadata.

Nexus Repository 3 frees us from a Maven-centric architecture, and so we’ve built a pure yum implementation, not connected to Maven. This does mean that we need to carefully understand how people are using yum in NXRM 2, because a direct migration isn’t possible.

What We Need From You

How are you using yum in NXRM 2? Are you mixing your maven2 and yum components in your repositories, or are you keeping them separate? How much yum do you have?

Get in Touch

If you’re using NXRM2 yum repos, we want to hear from you! Take our survey on yum migration and tell us about your experiences using yum with NXRM 2.


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Written by Michael Prescott

Michael is Director of Product for Sonatype Nexus Repository, where he helps make DevOps easy for software development organizations, large and small.