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Learn about Sonatype Products with New Self-Paced Guides and Courses!


The Customer Education team (CE) is pleased to offer educational content at Along with Sonatype’s help documentation we present additional learning assets designed for you and your development teams to become more savvy about fundamental concepts, operations, and processes native to Sonatype’s products.  

How is this different from existing self-service materials?

It might be a quick start guide. Or it could be a learning module with videos. All content created by Customer Education has one special thing in common: learning outcomes. These outcomes – or objectives – are presented at the beginning of each piece of education content, in the form of a statement. For example, if you’re an administrator who wants to learn about configuring Firewall for Nexus Repository Manager 3 OSS, a list of learning objectives may look like this:

  1. Install and connect IQ Server to a running instance of Nexus Repository Manager
  2. Audit the contents of a repository to gauge overall health
  3. Quarantine a bad component to keep it out of your build

So you see, each statement defines an expected goal within a course, lesson, or guide. In essence, learning objectives are what distinguish other self-service materials such as help docs from CE’s educational content. In some cases – like, Repository Manager Basics – you can validate what you learn by taking assessments aligned with the objectives. Ultimately, our desire is to give you all the resources and time necessary to make you a more effective, more successful user of our products.

If you’re curious about this style of goal-oriented content creation it’s inspired by Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Skills. In general this model consists of three domains but we’re targeting two of the three:

  • Cognitive, where you exercise your mental skills to gain knowledge of our products.
  • Affective, where the content you’re exposed to helps you feel good about the information presented to you.
What educational materials are currently available?

At this time, you can access the following content:

  • Repository Manager Basics. This module gives you a fundamental understanding of high-level theory, best practice, and practical application related to understanding specific concepts and terminology related to Nexus Repository Manager.
  • Firewall on Nexus Repository Manager 3 OSS. This lesson shows you basic firewall configuration to prevent component vulnerabilities that impact Nexus Repository Manager.
  • Webhooks: IQ and Slack Integration. This guide shows you how to build an HTTP callback and deploy it to a serverless framework. You will also learn how to use the callback function, also known as a webhook, to consume an IQ Server policy evaluation and push it up to Slack.

All content above includes video instruction with learning objectives to help you measure your learning goals. Take your time and pace yourself through the lessons. Also note, as we add to our suite of new learning content, the subject matter will become more diverse. We’ll go from basic concepts to more common usage practices in Sonatype’s products.

Of course, we love feedback. So, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy learning, folks!

Written by Dulani Wallace