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Improve Your Karma with DevOps Culture in a Box

Growth in DevOps practices have become possible largely due to a combination of new automation tools and well-established agile engineering practices, but these are not enough for any organization to take DevOps to the next level. Even when equipped with the best tools and most talented staff, DevOps excellence can be another Holy Grail of the IT world if you don't have the right culture.According to Sonatype’s 2017 DevSecOps Community Survey, 62% of mature highly mature DevOps teams believe their culture is frequently managed incorrectly or (worse) left un-managed. When mistreated, culture in these teams can become dysfunctional or toxic -- becoming a liability to the organization, not an asset.

Nexus Changes Everything

After nine months of planning, development, and user group testing across six countries, Sonatype SVP Culture, Matthew Howard, and CTO, Brian Fox, announced a new class of collaboration tools and intelligent decision support services that culminated in this week’s introduction of Sonatype’s Nexus Experience. Nexus Experience supports increased collaboration, shared responsibility, and improved feedback loops for any sized DevOps practices.

“Our persona-based user stories resulted in a Nexus Experience that not only improved collaboration within individual teams, in several field tests it was able to break down decades old organizational silos that hampered innovation”, said Matt Howard, SVP Culture at Sonatype. “Brian and I have worked on this project long enough to understand the trajectory DevOps culture, its people and its identity. We can honestly say that Nexus Experience changes everything.”

The arrival of DevOps has invigorated technology professionals to innovate at a far lower cost, creating opportunities for a variety of different and qualified solutions on the market. While this is great for technology leaders, it also presents new cultural challenges which could delay broader dissemination of DevOps practices across the organization. Nexus Experience represents a paradigm shift, transforming the software development process from a defensive-minded philosophy to a karma-centered one. Anchored by the other award-winning DevOps solutions from Sonatype, Nexus Experience intends to help organizations optimize their digital transformation strategies with

Get Started

Are you hindered by the paradox of choice in your DevOps tools and culture selections. Let us help you with our Nexus Experience solution. Reach out for a warm embrace at to learn more.

Nexus Experience is available on an annual subscription basis. Licensing starts at $25/user per month.

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Written by Derek Weeks

Derek serves as vice president and DevOps advocate at Sonatype and is the co-founder of All Day DevOps -- an online community of 65,000 IT professionals.