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How to Use Nexus Repository and Helm for CI/CD

Helm makes templating applications easy

Helm makes the versioning of Kubernetes applications possible

Helm makes reusing and sharing possible

Helm makes deploying Kubernetes applications concise

Helm makes dependency management possible

Helm helps enforce standards

The Three Big Concepts of Helm

Helm charts

Helm release

Helm repositories

|- index.yaml
|- alpine-0.1.2.tgz
|- alpine-0.1.2.tgz.prov

CI/CD With Docker and Helm

Hosting a Helm Repository on Sonatype Nexus

Installing the nexus-repository-helm plugin on Nexus

Creating the Helm-hosted repository

Select recipe


Create repository


Helm-hosted repository

Testing the Setup

Accessing the Helm repository

Pushing Helm charts to Nexus

Browse the helm-hosted repository to see your asset uploaded.

Helm04-AssetUploadAsset uploaded

Check the index.yaml file, and you’ll find it’s been autoupdated.


Installing Helm charts from Nexus

If everything goes well, Helm will download the chart from Nexus and install it on your Kubernetes cluster.

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