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How Much Value Are You Getting From Nexus Lifecycle?


As of version 1.33, IQ Server users will notice a new navigation icon in the main header. This will navigate to Success Metrics – a new, experimental feature of IQ Server.

What is It?

Success Metrics generates an executive report highlighting the overall policy health of your projects, and the progress you are making in remediating policy violations.

With the first release of Success Metrics, you’ll be able to generate a report for the last 12 months of IQ Server activity on your Root Organization. You’ll then be able to view key statistics on IQ Server evaluations in your organization such as the average number of evaluations performed, violations discovered, time to resolve, and share of violations across applications.

Success Metrics.pngWhat Is It Not?

Success Metrics is not part of the day-to-day workflow of IQ Server research and remediation. You won’t be able to drill down from here to research and fix problems. This is 1,000 foot view stuff.

What the Future Holds

We developed Success Metrics in collaboration with our customers, and it’s still in active development. We’re planning additional content for the report as well as improved configuration options to tailor the report to your needs.

Give Us Your Feedback!

We’d love to hear your feedback on Success Metrics, including what value you see in the feature, what content you’d like to see, and how you would like to configure and share the reports. We’re conducting concept-value interviews on the current and planned features of Success Metrics. Sign up for a session, or just drop us a line at and tell us what you think.

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Written by Micah Horvat

As a Product Owner and UX Designer for Nexus IQ Server, I’m fortunate enough to work with a world class team, delivering a world class product. At Sonatype, I work with my team and our users to cultivate and communicate a vision of ever friendlier, more efficient, and more valuable component intelligence. Outside of Sonatype, I like to read, cook, and hang out in the woods with a backpack.