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Sonatype: Fighting COVID-19 Together

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies everywhere affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic.  That's the bad news.

The good news however is that the entire world -- governments, universities, corporations, health care workers, communities, and individual citizens -- are coming together and sharing resources to strengthen public health systems and combat the virus outbreak.  The incredible collaboration and outpouring of support from every corner of the world reminds us that the human spirit is truly indomitable.

At Sonatype we are doing our small part by offering free Nexus software and support to qualifying organizations and engineering teams working to develop innovative software solutions to help defeat coronavirus.  Please go here to learn about the program and apply for free software and support.

In addition to contributing free software to fight coronavirus, Sonatype and a number of our employees have made contributions to the World Health Organization COVID Solidarity Response Fund -- and we're encouraging more than 3,000 attendees to All Day DevOps Spring Break Edition to consider doing the same.

In times like this, every little bit helps.  We are truly humbled to play a small part in the fight against coronavirus and we're grateful to our many friends (and fellow competitors) in the global software community who are doing the same.

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Written by Matt Howard

Matt is a proven executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience developing high-growth software companies, at Sonatype, he leads corporate marketing, strategic partnering, and demand generation initiatives.