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Explore a refreshed Sonatype Platform: New features, new product names


Sonatype just got even better - and a little better looking too. 

We’ve been working hard to bring to life some amazing new capabilities to make your lives easier. These new enhancements offer organizations:

  • Greater flexibility for customization to increase developer productivity
  • Greater security context and intelligence to protect your software supply chain
  • Greater administrative control to meet your DevSecOps needs

As a result, you and your organization can develop software fearlessly and simply focus on creating the best product or service for your customers.

New capabilities. Unwavering expertise.

We take great pride in delivering a platform that continuously evolves and predicts your future needs so that you’re always covered with the latest technology to get your job done.

Today, the product enhancements we’re releasing include:

  • Platform high availability (HA): Manage mission-critical software with increased scalability through Sonatype Lifecycle and Sonatype Nexus Repository.
  • Enhanced user experience: Accelerate component selection and automated policy enforcement with streamlined usability in Sonatype Repository Firewall.
  • Boosted security policy management: Optimize and prioritize remediation efforts by intelligently creating and managing policies in Sonatype Lifecycle, ensuring teams first tackle the most significant security vulnerabilities.
  • Deeper insights and benchmarking: Efficiently make decisions with proprietary, data-driven insights using Sonatype Lifecycle enhancements like Migration Scorecards, Nudges and Anomalies, and Stack Divergence.
  • Easier management at enterprise scale: Onboard applications, inherit policy, and manage open source across a multi-level management hierarchy easily and at scale in Sonatype Lifecycle. Improve build times with a multi-install repository landscape using Sonatype Nexus Repository.
  • Containers for air-gapped environments: Adopt containers in air-gapped networks more easily with the addition of Dockerfiles for disconnected environments.

New product names. Same great platform.

Our product’s capabilities weren’t the only thing that deserved an upgrade. We decided it was high time they got a brand-new look as well. A glow-up, if you will.

We’re putting Sonatype first to make our platform easier to understand. Our goal with this change is to streamline our platform’s naming architecture and better reflect the extensive functionality of the solution.

Updated Sonatype Platform.

“The demand for software supply chain management tools continues to skyrocket as cybersecurity threats grow in number and sophistication,” said Alex Berry, President at Sonatype. “This evolved platform illustrates our continued growth and commitment to helping organizations accelerate innovation without sacrificing security.”

The changes more effectively communicate our core competencies in protecting software supply chains while emphasizing our mission of fostering connectedness and empowerment. We’re proud of our successful partnerships with over 2,000 enterprises–including some of the world’s most renowned brands–and for supporting 15 million developers. Our updated product logos now consistently represent how the entire Sonatype platform is dedicated to providing secure supply chain solutions.

To learn more about our suite of products and their upgraded capabilities (and looks), schedule a demo focused on how you can create more value for your organization with improved risk management and developer productivity.

Previous name   New name
Nexus Lifecycle         Sonatype Lifecycle
Nexus Auditor   Sonatype Auditor
Nexus Firewall   Sonatype Repository Firewall
Nexus Repository   Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro
Nexus Container   Sonatype Container
Nexus Platform   Sonatype Platform
IQ Server   Sonatype IQ Server
Nexus Vulnerability Scanner   Sonatype Vulnerability Scanner
Nexus Repository OSS   Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS
Nexus Disconnected Environment   Sonatype Air-Gapped Environment