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Get Up to Speed with Maven Repository Configuration in Our New Learning Module

Sonatype’s Customer Education (CE) team is happy to announce the release of a second module found at Sonatype Learning. This course is called First Time Installation and Setup. In just under 35 minutes, it covers very basic, albeit, practical uses of Nexus Repository from software download to repository configuration.

As implied by its name, First Time Installation and Setup is a course for new Nexus administrators and other professionals involved in continuous software development. These lessons aren’t limited to technical users. Even if you manage a software development team from the other side of the command line, this course aims to get you well-equipped for using the product.

I got the basics down. What’s this course about?

After completing the first module, Repository Manager Basics, we now expect you to merge into the second lane, shift gears, and get familiar with Maven inside Nexus Repository. We anticipate that you’ll take the general concepts from the Basics course and apply them to a more in-depth study of repository types and how they’re created.

Lesson Objectives 1 for blog

So in this second module you’ll learn cool stuff like:

  • downloading and extracting Nexus Repository
  • what Central Repository is and how to configure a Maven caching proxy
  • publishing components to maven-snapshots and maven-releases hosted repositories
  • combining the caching proxy and hosted repositories into a canonical group repository

As far as learning goes you’ll move at a slightly faster pace than the previous course. But like any course, it’s procedural. The course provides steps, a sample Maven project, and sample configuration file snippets to help you along the way. You can also affirm your knowledge by taking the lab at course end.

First Time Installation is intended to be a proof-of concept experience for you to get acclimated with Nexus Repository. We don’t recommend you apply any of the examples to real production scenarios.

Run releases build for blog

This course was a collaboration between Customer Success and members of the CE team, including Bri Strozewski and Melanie Latin. Bri represented CE at this year’s first Nexus User Conference with a presentation titled Objective Learning, where she hinted at the release of First Time Installation and Configuration. Melanie, also a speaker, promoted the release of Sonatype’s new community platform, which is becoming ground zero for discussions about all of our products.

Whether it’s about education or otherwise, we’re always delighted to hear from you. Come to our community and participate in a variety of discussions.

Happy Learning!!

Written by Dulani Wallace