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Cultural Approaches to Transformations

"Cultural Approaches to Transformations" is included in Epic Failures in DevSecOps, Volume 2, which is available for free download.

Marc Cluet discusses cultural approaches necessary for transformations with host Justin Miller, here.

As Marc writes:

I wrote this chapter of the book not to tell personal tales, but as a quick guide to exploring the minefield of mistakes that most cultural transformations make. Cultural transformations are not easy or fast, and under most circumstances, they can be nerve wrecking.

I have dedicated a good part of the last six years to helping organisations transform their culture and ways of working. I’ve done everything from a full DevOps transformation to adding SRE security assessments to a simple migration to the Cloud (with all the changes that this represents). I embrace agile, scrum, Kanban and all the things that make modern IT companies faster and stronger at their game.

Read the full chapter by downloading the book.

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Written by Mark Miller

Mark Miller serves as the Senior Storyteller and DevOps Advocate at Sonatype. He speaks and writes extensively on DevSecOps and Security, hosting panel discussions, podcasts, and webinars on tools and processes within the Software Supply Chain.