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Webinar recap: Best practices for managing (and supercharging) your software supply chain


"Everyone is responsible for delivering reliable, secure, high-quality software and you need to do it in a way that you can release frequently and with confidence." - Janet Worthington, Senior Analyst, Forrester

There's a bit of a divide on whose responsibility software supply chain management should be. Some would say it should fall to maintainers, others would argue that it's for enterprise consumers to optimize. But one thing remains true regardless of your position on the matter – there has been a 650% increase in software supply chain attacks over the past year. And as threats continue to ramp up, the most critical question to answer isn't whose responsibility it definitively is, it's whether or not your organization can properly address the risks they're facing. Sonatype and Forrester's recent webinar presented the latest research related to software supply chain management and provided insights on best practices from some of the leaders on the front line of DevSecOps.

You can enjoy the full webinar here.

Topics of conversation include:

  • How peer organizations are already addressing the challenge of software supply chain management.
  • Strategies for balancing the needs of functional stakeholders like development, security, operations, and legal. 
  • The metrics used to measure and demonstrate success to leadership.

Who you'll be hearing from: