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Sonatype Partners With All Day DevOps to Deliver the Largest DevOps Conference for 36,000

Four years ago, my colleague Mark Miller and I founded the All Day DevOps conference with seven friends from around the community.  We planned the conference in 90 days and expected 1,000 folks to show up to listen to the 57 speakers we had vetted for the agenda. As it turns out, over 13,000 people participated that year.  

So, we obviously had to try again and we kept thinking bigger.  We involved more people, grabbed on to new ideas, and have delivered a better experience for All Day DevOps community members each year.  2019 will be no different.  

We’re kicking off this year’s 24-hour online conference on November 6th at 8am GMT and highlighting 151 speakers across five tracks and six keynotes.  Over 36,000 people have registered to participate. Insane. Even after four years of doing this, it is hard to fathom how many people that really is. Selling out large sports arenas comes to mind.

Other stats are just as amazing.  Participants span 160 countries. Attendees can join one of 190 remote viewing parties around the world.  84 of the Fortune 100 are represented.

And, we are delivering this entire experience free of charge.

Behind-the-scenes we’re busy, too. We’ve gathered over 75 volunteers to facilitate conversations in Slack, monitor the conference, and moderate tracks in real time. 

Seven Reasons to Attend All Day DevOps

If the story above did not convince you to join, consider a few more reasons:

  1. Devops, and DevSecOps, are Here to Stay. The DevOps approach isn’t a fad. It is simply a better way to build software. Join us and learn with us.

  2. Open Source Software is Everywhere. Our research this year shows that the field is quickly self-selecting. If you want to join the top-ranking “Exemplars” you should register to attend this event.  By making the conference free, we’ve effectively open sourced it.

  3. World Class Expertise. We literally combed the world to find the best DevOps experts for this event. The range of perspectives will amaze you.

  4. No Vendor Pitches. Speakers are forbidden to make sales pitches. We find sales pitches  annoying and know you do, too.

  5. We Keep Adding More. Every year we strive to bring the community even more resources, and we deliver! Our Resources page offers cool assets, awesome career opportunities, and free playbacks of previous year’s conference sessions.

  6. Impossibly Good Value. Did we mention that we’re offering over 75 hours of online education for free?

  7. Learn Something New. All of our sessions focus on sharing, collaborating and learning.

What We’ll Be Discussing

We have five programmatic tracks: Keynotes, CI/CD, DevSecOps, Cloud Native, Site Reliability Engineering and Cultural Transformation. There is no need to register for a specific track or adhere to just one. As mentioned, we have content for every track for 24 hours, across every time zone.

Take a look at the schedule and find the sessions that will be most meaningful for you. There is still time to register for All Day DevOps! Click here and get your name on the list so you can view any session you might miss the first time around. 

What Next?

After you register, find me and Mark online with tens of thousands of other folks that are prioritizing All Day DevOps as an all day learning experience.  Connect with us, converse with us, and learn with us.  

We hope you enjoy all that the conference has to offer.

Picture of Derek Weeks

Written by Derek Weeks

Derek serves as vice president and DevOps advocate at Sonatype and is the co-founder of All Day DevOps -- an online community of 65,000 IT professionals.