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Ground Control to Nexus Users: Nexus Repository Manager 3 Milestone 7 Release

The final milestone is here, and we are pleased to announce Nexus Repository Manager 3 Milestone 7 has “made the grade” and it’s ready to release! It’s time to engage your engines and blast off with Nexus as this version will be upgradeable to future versions of Repository Manager 3.

If you were looking for an enterprise-scale repository for npm, NuGet, and Docker components, this release is production ready. For the Maven format, the version coming up next will be your ticket.

What’s New

  • Improvements to our Maven 2 format support
  • Repository Health Check for Maven, npm, NuGet proxy repos
  • Upgrade-ready, blob stores, and SSL
  • Nexus 3.0 is up next

Maven 2 Format Improvements

We’ve added quite a few items for the Maven 2 format in this release including:

  • A few more Scheduled Tasks to help you keep Nexus up and humming
  • Relaxing the Maven 2 format such that you can publish from SBT, Ivy or other build tools/formats that don’t match Maven 2 verbatim
  • Support for Maven archetype catalog
  • Support for generating and downloading Maven .index files

If you are a Maven fanatic, give us your feedback. Wed love to hear from you.

Expanding the Repository Health Check

You can now run Repository Health Check against your Maven, npm and NuGet proxy repositories in this release and beyond. While this is functionality that existed in version 2, we are interested in your experience running it against proxy repositories in version 3.

Did you know that we run Repository Health Checks on over 50,000 repositories each day. Why not give it a try?

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.06.33 PM

Blobstores and More

Some other cool things we added to this release:

  • Upgrades will now be supported from this Milestone to future versions of Nexus Repository Manager 3.
  • Ability to specify SSL and TLS options for email configuration
  • Improvements to store Blobstore paths as relative instead of absolute
  • Large performance improvements to our Blobstore

Download Now

To download M7 (and check out even more specifics on the latest milestone), be sure to read the release announcement.

Tell Us What You Think

We want to hear what you love, what you hate, and what’s missing. To do this, just send us an email:

Got a bit more time on your hands? We’d be happy to talk to you over chat. While we’re interested in any feedback, we’d love to know what you think about:

  • Creating and using private Maven, npm, Docker and NuGet repositories
  • Running Repository Health Check on proxy repositories

Next Up: 3.0!

Yup, it’s coming! And we’re just as excited as you are.. We are still cranking on a few more items such as:

  • Migration from Nexus 2 to Nexus 3
  • Bower format support. Yes that’s right, Bower is coming to Nexus OSS.
  • Continued improvements to the Maven format, as well as Repository Manager in general
  • Improved provisioning of repo manager instances

Stay tuned!

The Nexus Team

Picture of Jeffry Hesse

Written by Jeffry Hesse

Jeffry works as a Community Product Owner, where he works to help nurture new and existing contributions to the Sonatype Nexus platform. He writes code with others to give people examples on how to create plugins and contributions for Sonatype products and generally aims to foster a spirit of creativity and contribution in the Open Source community.