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Please Containerize Your Excitement: Nexus 3 Milestone 5 Release


We, on the Nexus team, are pleased to announce the arrival of the Nexus 3 Milestone 5 release!

What’s new in Nexus 3 Milestone 5?

Our focus in this milestone release was:

  • Hosting and proxying Docker registries
  • Browsing and searching Docker images
  • Browsing components and assets that belong to any repository format

Docker format capabilities in Nexus 3 are brand new and we are excited to have it going out into the wild so we can hear your feedback.

Where can I download Nexus 3 Milestone 5?

Nexus 3 MilestoneRead more and download Nexus 3 Milestone 5 on the release announcement. We want to hear what you love, what you hate, and what is missing. You can send us an email at Or, if you’d like to have a discussion, we’d be happy to talk to you over chat. We are interested in any Nexus 3-related feedback, but specifically would know what you think about:

  • Creating and using Docker repositories
  • Browsing repository components and assets

Since Docker is a brand new format capability in Nexus 3, we’ve provided users with documentation to get it set up. You can check out the documentation and let us know your thoughts on this as well.

What should I know?

Browsing: We are currently working to resolve an issue that specifically impacts the ability to browse repositories. When first navigating to a repository, the list of components or assets may appear blank until you either scroll, refresh, or come back to the page.

Docker ContainersDocker Registry v2: For this milestone, we have added Docker Registry v1 capabilities so that we could get early feedback on how Docker fits within Nexus.

Docker v2 specific features are currently unavailable though are being worked as part of the next milestone and will likely be complete as part of the GA release. A full list of v2 features is available here. We plan on getting feedback from the community along the way to help fine tune how we support you all into the future.

Nexus 3 OSS General Availability: The Nexus team continues to crank, and we are getting closer and closer to the general availability of Nexus 3 OSS. We’ve got another milestone that will include NPM format capabilities, and then after that we are looking to release OSS later this fall.

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