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DevOps Leadership Series: Gov Does DevOps

This past week, I had the opportunity to catch up with some more industry thought leaders at the DevOpsDays DC event in our nation’s capital. This was the first major DevOps Days event to feature a large audience of government participants. It was an awesome event and is certainly going to be on my must-attend list for next year.

First off for the series, I had the chance to chat with Nathen Harvey, the Community Director at Chef. Nathen also did a great job leading the organizing committee for DevOps Days DC.

In this episode of the DevOps Leadership Series, Nathen illustrates some recurrent topics he noticed at DevOpsDays DC. Nathen ensures us that government is ready for DevOps, enterprises are ready for DevOps, and small businesses and web innovators are ready for DevOps. Then he highlights how we need to create high velocity organizations that are safe, scalable, and humane for our teams.

Next, I had the pleasure of catching up with Greg Elin, the Executive Director at GovReady and former Chief Data Officer at the FCC. What really stood out to Greg at the event was how many people already have their DevOps “sea legs.” He notes the number of different organizations that are comfortable with DevOps, and are familiar with its language and concepts.

Finally, I caught up with Dave Johnson, Senior Technical Director at Ansible. Dave shares that “the market really is not dominated yet by any particular player in this (DevOps) space.” Dave explains when he first entered the industry he thought the IT world was dominated by open source and commercial technologies. However, when talking to the industry at large now, he found most the enterprises aren’t yet doing anything yet for automation, and most enterprises are still tackling their problems with humans.

Next up in the series, you’ll hear from John Willis (Co-Author of the upcoming DevOps Cookbook) and Leon Fayer (Vice President at OmniTI).

NOTE: If you have missed any of the other videos from this series, you can find them here. (We’re up to 15 so far).

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