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The Sonatype 2014 Engineering Summit

The 2014 Sonatype Engineering Summit

Last week, I joined the Sonatype engineering team at the yearly summit where we got together and discussed the future roadmap for Nexus and CLM, talk with engineers who are doing the hands-on work on the projects and in general got caught up with each other. It's always good to get this kind of face-to-face time with the crew since we're distributed all over the globe.

A lot of the talk at the summit was about the Nexus 2.8 release. This is the final major release before we concentrate on Nexus 3.0. I was able to catch up with Mike Hansen, Brian Fox, Rich Seddon, Jason Swank, Manfred Moser and Jamie Whitehouse as part of the Nexus Live Broadcast Series. In the video, you can hear them talk about their part of the project, what they are excited about and what to expect in the future. Have a listen...

Watch to the entire broadcast: Sonatype Engineering Summit


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Mark Miller serves as the Senior Storyteller and DevOps Advocate at Sonatype. He speaks and writes extensively on DevSecOps and Security, hosting panel discussions, podcasts, and webinars on tools and processes within the Software Supply Chain.