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Resources Blog TED Talks Security: 3 Provoking Discussions

TED Talks Security: 3 Provoking Discussions

I love watching TED Talks. To me, they are 15 well-spent minutes watching experts around the world provide great insights into things I thought I knew well. Some I had never imagined or topics on which I want to gain a deeper perspective.

As the words “security breach” become more and more a part of our daily business vernacular, I look to TED to provide me with insights into our current world and the future ahead of us. I found these three TED talks to be informative, educational, and provocative (and entertaining as well):

A Vision of Crimes in the Future - Mark Goodman at TEDxEdinburgh

Marc Goodman: A Vision of Crimes in the Future







Moment to Remember: “Is he heavy set? Is he bald in front? Does he wear glasses?...Kill him.” -Watch the full video.

Swimming with Sharks - Security in the Internet of Things - Joshua Corman at TEDxNaperville

Josh Corman: Swimming with Sharks







Memorable moments: “What kind of idiot gets in the water with an apex predator?” and “In 2007, former US Vice President, Dick Cheney had the wireless feature on his pacemaker disabled.” - Watch the full video.

Fighting Viruses, Defending the Net - Mikko Hypponen at TEDxEdinburgh

Mikko Hypponen at TEDxEdinburgh






Moment to Remember: “With $14.9 million, you can afford to invest in your crimes, watch your victims, and record what they do...If we don’t fight online crime, we are at risk of losing it all.” - Watch the video

Have you ever asked yourself if you're in the right security role? Or thought about if developing trusted applications or running a comprehensive DevOps program was important? Hopefully these videos give you the few minutes of encouragement that you need to know, indeed you're on the right path and in the right job. Enjoy them!

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Written by Derek Weeks

Derek serves as vice president and DevOps advocate at Sonatype and is the co-founder of All Day DevOps -- an online community of 65,000 IT professionals.