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Taking Advantage of the New and Improved Nexus 2.7

One of the approaches to software that I strongly believe is in taking advantage of the latest product innovations in all new releases. I think it's important to
upgrade to the latest versions of build tools and
components as soon as you can. The benefits of these product improvements
always outweigh the drawbacks of regular
updates that you need to adapt too. And just like in the devops
world, where releasing often makes development easier, upgrading your tools
often will make it easier as well. Deciding to stay with the "stable and
trusted" components and tools can cause you to fall more and more
behind making the pain of upgrading
bigger and bigger. And believe me - the need to upgrade will
arise! Just try using Internet Explorer 6 or Windows 95 on a modern
computer and you'll instantly see what I mean. There's always a cost tradeoff to waiting and we know that cost well in application security. 

But following the original train of thought through, I think it is time for me
to prepare you for another great upgrade to Nexus that's in the
pipeline for you. You might have seen Rich Seddon previewing some of these
features and improvements on the October Nexus Live event already,
if you missed it you can still check it out the
recording (starting at about 28:00)
. And don't forget to join us for our November event where we'll be talking about Nexus and Chef integration use cases. Rich covered improvements like

which are all updates covered in the Repository
Management with Nexus

And new additions including

are documented as well. These are just some of the
over 150 issues fixed and implemented for this new release
. In
addition to these user facing changes we have improved the Nexus
internals and you should see significant performance improvements as a
result of your upgrades. Another one of these internal changes was changing all components to use JSR-330/Eclipse Sisu instead of Plexus and we have made sure to update the Nexus
Example Plugins
for you. We also created a
that can be used if you need to upgrade your own
plugins. And as you can imagine, the Nexus
and the Java client library are updated too.

With all this new goodness at your fingertips hopefully you're ready to
upgrade to Nexus 2.7. There is lots more if you check out the release notes. And you won't have to wait much longer, it is already
running on our production instances like
Open Source Software Repository
Hosting OSSRH
instance or our own repo and humming
along nicely. Barring any natural catastrophes you should see
Nexus 2.7 available for download before you put that turkey in the
oven on Thanksgiving. Unless, of course you are in Canada like myself and
already celebrated Thanksgiving a few weeks ago...

Update: And now Nexus 2.7 has arrived and you can download it from the support site as usual.

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Manfred is a former author, trainer, and community advocate at Sonatype. He speaks regularly at conferences such as JavaOne, OSCON, DevOpsDays. He is a long time open source developer and contributor.