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Nexus 2.3 Now Available – Includes Support for Yum

We know how critical Nexus has become to effectively source components and drive greater efficiency in the development lifecycle. We are constantly working to expand the Nexus ecosystem so Nexus can be used to manage additional component technologies. The latest release, Nexus 2.3, available now, provides support for Yum repositories.

Now you can leverage Nexus, a proven repository to support your RPM artifacts. Maven tooling can be used to deploy RPM artifacts to Maven while Yum clients continue to use the familiar and standard YUM protocol. Yum support includes:

  • Any Maven 2 repository hosted in Nexus can act as a Yum repository to manage RPMs.
  • Maven tooling can be used to deploy RPMs into the Maven repository
  • Yum clients can interact with the repository using the standard and familiar Yum protocol.
  • Yum repositories are automatically updated when RPMs are uploaded, deployed or deleted from Nexus.
  • Yum repositories can be logically grouped using a single Maven supported URL.
  • Yum group repositories can be used as a target for staging.

Nexus 2.3 also includes these new capabilities:

Improved Search/Index Capability - The Nexus search/index capability has been enhanced so that it is faster, more reliable with enhanced scalability.

Smart Proxy Enhancements - The Nexus Smart Proxy capability now supports the ability to delete events and includes full support for drop/close/release staging. Individual message for affected artifacts are provided which enables pre-emptive fetching.

Support for New MIME Types & Modifying Existing MIME Types - Nexus validates the file’s content based on the MIME type for files that are downloaded into proxy repositories. This works well for most file types, but you may need to define a new MIME type or add additional file extensions to existing MIME types. Nexus 2.3 supports this capability so that you can accommodate additional MIME types.

For more information about this release, check out the release notes. As always, please share your thoughts and experiences using Nexus and Yum.

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