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Scope Of APT's More Widespread Than Thought

Dark Reading – (International) Scope of APTs more widespread than thought. A researcher discovered some 200 different families of custom malware used to spy and steal intellectual property, with hundreds of attackers in just two groups out - 14 - of Shanghai and Beijing, suggesting cyberespionage malware and activity is far more prolific than imagined. The researcher, the director of malware research at Dell Secureworks, also identified a private security firm located in Asia — not in China —that is waging a targeted attack against another country’s military operations, as well as spying on U.S. and European companies and its own country’s journalists. He declined to provide details on the firm or its country of origin, but confirmed it is based in a nation friendly with the United States. The company has its own malware and is using spear-phishing and backdoors in its cyberespionage operations.


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