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Philips Databases Pillaged And Leaked Second Time In A Month

The Register – (International) Philips databases pillaged and leaked second time in a month. Electronics giant Philips was hacked for the second time in a month and its databases raided. Usernames and encrypted passwords were leaked after the breach. It is unclear whether email addresses or the actual contents of corporate emails were included in the records dumped from the company‘s SQL databases. The lifted data was uploaded to various file hosting sites by hacktivists, who used blogs (since taken down by Google‘s Blogspot service) and social networks, using the hashtag labels ―AntiSec and ―LulzSecReborn to spread the word. ―All together there is [sic] well over 200,000 emails with at least 1,000 of them have further vital credentials that could allow others to use the users‘ personal information, according to a Web site run by Anonymous. The site reports that Anonymous-affiliated hackers in Sweden announced the raid. The latest attack follows a smaller leak of a few thousand - 17 - records from Philips by r00tbeersec, another hacktivist crew, about a week ago.


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