Resources Blog Targeted Attack Infiltrates At Least 20 Companies

Targeted Attack Infiltrates At Least 20 Companies

May 8, Dark Reading – (International) Targeted attack infiltrates at least 20 companies. Beginning in mid-2011, a widespread series of cyberattacks targeted a number of private firms, think thanks, and government organizations with links to policies of interest to China. While attributing attacks to a specific actor is difficult, the attackers used a common command-and-control server to manage the exploitation and control of computers within each victim’s network. In its research into the attacks — dubbed Project Enlightenment — security intelligence firm Cyber Squared managed to infiltrate the attackers’ communications channel and gather information on the attacks. The targets of the attacks were diverse: a mining corporation with interests in the automotive industry; Canadian judicial offices handling the extradition of a Chinese national; a major law firm with clients all over the globe; and an international maritime group with connections to the United Nations.


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Ali Loney is a Senior UX Designer at Walmart Labs. She is based in Canada and was the former Graphic Designer at Sonatype.