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Research Uncovers IRC Bot Malware For Android

Infosecurity – (International) Research uncovers IRC bot malware for Android. McAfee Labs researchers discovered Android malware that acts as an Internet relay channel (IRC) bot. The Android malware, which masquerades as the Madden NFL 2012 video game, has three embedded modules that perform various malicious activities, explained a researcher with McAfee Labs. The main component is a dropper that installs a set of other components — a rooting exploit, IRC bot, and SMS trojan — onto the compromised Android device. The researcher warned that if the user of a compromised Android device receives a message from his/her bank using a twoway authentication code, that message along with the mobile number is sent to the remote attacker, who can use it to compromise bank transactions.


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Ali Loney is a Senior UX Designer at Walmart Labs. She is based in Canada and was the former Graphic Designer at Sonatype.