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Nexus Stories From Across The Globe

With nearly 19,000 active instances of Nexus around the world, we thought we would reach out and ask the community to share their Nexus stories and experiences with us. Over the last six weeks we held our Nexus Stories Contest and we were blown away by the tremendous response we received from around the globe.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to participate. We hope you are all enjoying your wicked awesome Nexus mugs! As promised, we will be sharing your Nexus stories on our blog over the coming weeks.

After the overwhelming response we received, we decided drawing one grand prize winner just wasn't good enough (plus we love to take advantage of Jason every chance we get). So we decided to draw three grand prize winners! Our three lucky winners will each be receiving one day of onsite consulting with Jason van Zyl. Our grand prize winners are:

  • Alexis Morelle, Colombes, France
  • Rueben Jimenez, San Francisco, CA
  • Henry Hughes, Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to everyone who participated!

Stay tuned next week, when we will be sharing some of your stories on what life was like, before Nexus.

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Written by Emily Blades

Emily Blades is the former Community/Events Manager at Sonatype. She is now the Community Manager at Virtru.