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Nexus is for Sharing

One of our customers asked me for a presentation deck making a simple case for bringing Nexus into a development environment: what are the broad stroke benefits of the repository from the perspective of the Enterprise? This video is that presentation, it doesn't spend too much time enumerating a list of pro features. It focuses on the two core benefits: consuming OSS and internal sharing.

If you have five minutes and you are looking for something that might convince others in your organization, this video will be of use. Here's the video "OSS and the Enterprise: How Nexus can Help" followed by a very brief summary:

A summary in four sentences:

  • The Enterprise has shifted dramatically over the last decade and OSS has been a major force driving the evolution of Enterprise software development.
  • As organizations have adopted OSS, developers have a new interest in consuming OSS and bring some of the practices of OSS in-house.
  • Nexus was designed to make is easier for you to support your developer's interest in OSS consumption while giving you the necessary controls.
  • Better yet, Nexus allows you to adopt the same mechanism for collaboration that is used by OSS projects.

In other words, it isn't just about software.

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Tim is a Software Architect with experience in all aspects of software development from project inception to developing scaleable production architectures for large-scale systems during critical, high-risk events such as Black Friday. He has helped many organizations ranging from small startups to Fortune 100 companies take a more strategic approach to adopting and evaluating technology and managing the risks associated with change.