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Java Drive-by Generator Used In Recent Attack

May 9, Help Net Security – (International) Java drive-by generator used in recent attack. A malware delivery campaign that doubles infection efforts to ensure users are compromised was recently spotted by F-Secure researchers. One discovered a Web site that poses as a “Gmail Attachment Viewer,” which attempts to make the visitor run the offered application. The pop-up warning from Windows identifies it as a “Microsoft” application, but says the app’s digital signature cannot be verified and that the app’s publisher is “Unknown.” If the user does choose to run the app, he/she is faced with a Cisco Foundation invitation to attend a conference, while the download and the quiet installation of a malicious binary is performed in the background. The message contains an embedded link that, if clicked, again tries to download the same malware. The researcher does not mention how she ended up on the site in question in the first place, and what type of malware is actually pushed onto the user, but points out that the - 18 - infection is generated using iJava Drive-by Generator. “The generator allows the attacker to use random names or specify their own preference for both the Java file and the dropped Windows binary,” the researcher explains, and notes the tool also indicates to the attackers how many infections the delivered malware effected.


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