Resources Blog Number-munching Clouds Are Godsend for Cybercrooks - Experts

Number-munching Clouds Are Godsend for Cybercrooks - Experts

The Register – (International) Number-munching clouds are godsend for cybercrooks - experts. Cloud computing providers recently came under fire from security experts who blamed them for giving cyber criminals the tools to launch attacks more easily, efficiently, and anonymously than ever before. Speaking at the fourth InfoSecurity Summit in Hong Kong April 24, a senior consultant at the city-state’s computer emergency response team argued that crooks are making the most of the sudden rise of distributed number-crunching services. “They are using it more efficiently for Web hosting and they can subscribe to cloud services to get bandwidth on demand,” he said. “They can hack computers thanks to the computing power of Amazon and it’s very hard to trace them. We need to solve this problem with the cloud service providers.”


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