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Nexus Pro 2.0.1 Now Available: Minor Security and Stability Issues Fixed

Sonatype Nexus Professional 2.0.1 has been released. This is the first maintenance release for Nexus Professional 2, it contains the following bug fixes.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented a P2 proxy repository from connecting to a remote repository if an HTTP proxy server was configured. (NXCM-3916)
  • Fixed a security bug which could have locked out an Admin user mapped in through LDAP group mapping. Administrators with this mapping were unable to log in after license had expired. (NXCM-3871)
  • Fixed a bug preventing Eclipse Update site mirrors from downloading the Indigo update site (NXCM-3004)
  • Fixed a potential permissions error with the NuGet tab. NuGet tab does not need to fetch the repository configuration. Users with insufficient permissions could have experienced permissions error if they lacked the appropriate permissions to request repository data. (NXCM-3917)
  • Minor bug fix for window title. Window titles now accurately reflect the product title. (NXCM-3910)

If you are new to Nexus and are interested in downloading and evaluating Nexus Professional 2.0.1, you can learn more about the product and sign-up for a free trial here:

Existing Nexus Professional customers can download Nexus Professional from the Sonatype Support portal: You will need to enter your support account credentials to access the downloads page.

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Written by Rich Seddon

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