Resources Blog Missed the Nexus 2.0 Webinar? Don't worry. We recorded it ...

Missed the Nexus 2.0 Webinar? Don't worry. We recorded it just for you.

We understand. You've got a busy schedule, maybe you manage a large team of developers who all had to talk to you at once about some emergency. Maybe you were working on some interesting problem and got into "the zone". Well, if you missed it, don't worry, we recorded Jason's presentation in its full glory. Here, watch it.


Jason walks through the three big features in Nexus Professional 2.0: Repository Health Check, .NET integration, and Smart Proxy. Before the demonstration Jason's sets up this version and talks about Sonatype's trajectory for Nexus: where we've been over the past few years, and where he thinks the industry is headed.

If you see something you like, you can learn more about Nexus 2.0 at

Note: For many of you who might be new to .NET development, this is a great way to see the tool in action. Jason demonstrates NuGet via Visual Studio to show an instance of the IDE connected to your repository manager, he also demonstrates some Mono client utility connecting to a .NET repository from a Mac.

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