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November Community Spotlight: Manfred Moser of simpligility technologies

Open source software emerges when people work in unison to create something greater than any one of them could create on their own. While the result may always be a collective work, the contributions and sacrifices that make a project thrive are always individual. These contributions deserve recognition. Sonatype will be paying tribute to the members of the Java open source community, who dedicate themselves to improving these projects. We’ll do so by featuring them in our new Community Spotlight each month. This month’s spotlight is on Manfred Moser of simpligility technologies.

If there is someone you would like to nominate for the community spotlight, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Thank you!

Manfred Moser - Kicking Apps and Taking Names

We have had the pleasure of working directly with Manfred Moser for the better part of a year and have been familiar with his work for much longer. Given Manfred's constant and continuous work with the community we are sure many of you know him but for those that don’t, here is a little bit of background on Manfred.

Manfred has been professionally developing software in Java since 2003 and is a self-proclaimed open source fanatic, as well as an Android application developer, consultant, author and speaker. He has a long history of developing software in Internet, enterprise and mobile spaces. He is now working as an Android application developer and consultant with his own company, simpligility technologies.

simpligility technologies brings simplicity and agility to software development, processes, products and customers. With Manfred's engineering background, teaching experience and passion for tools and infrastructure, he loves helping and mentoring other developers and development teams. He is able to understand complex requirements, business processes and software systems and cut through all the distractions to the core purpose and aim of an application. With this background simpligility offers a myriad of helpful consulting services.

We have been very lucky to work with Manfred on a number of projects. He is a core committer to the Android Maven Plugin and has co-authored our Sonatype book Maven: The Complete Reference, where he recently revamped the Maven Android chapter. He is a Hudson committer and co-authored the new Hudson Book with Tim O'Brien. Manfred is also a core contributor to our brand new Nexus Best Practices training course materials.

Manfred is the founder of the Vancouver Island Java User Group in Victoria, BC and in addition to presenting at java user group meetings, he has also presented at a number of conferences around the world. His next appearance will be at AnDevCon II in San Francisco this week from November 6 to 9, 2011. If you plan to be there, we highly recommend popping into at least one of his sessions. The two sessions Manfred will be leading are: Taking Advantage of Apache Maven for Your Android Builds and Testing Android Apps – Going from Zero to Hero.

You can follow Manfred on twitter @simpligility or read the simpligility blog here.

We would like to thank Manfred for all his hard work and contributions! Thank you Manfred!

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