Resources Blog October Community Spotlight: Anders Hammar, Devoteam Sweden

October Community Spotlight: Anders Hammar, Devoteam Sweden

Open source software emerges when people work in unison to create something greater than any one of them could create on their own. While the result may always be a collective work, the contributions and sacrifices that make a project thrive are always individual. These contributions deserve recognition. Sonatype will be paying tribute to the members of the Java open source community, who dedicate themselves to improving these projects. We'll do so by featuring them in our new Community Spotlight each month. This month's spotlight is on Anders Hammar of Devoteam Sweden.

If there is someone you would like to nominate for the community spotlight, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Thank you!

It Takes a Village...and Anders Hammar

We have been very lucky to work directly with Anders for a number of years now and we can confidently say he is one of the most seasoned Apache Maven experts and evangelists that we know. We are sure many of you know him, but for those that don't--here is a little bit of background on Anders.

Anders is a software architect and CTO of Devoteam Sweden, a Certified Sonatype Partner in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s been working professionally with Java for more than ten years. For the last four years he has focused on Maven, providing support, consulting and training. Anders works with development organizations to help them adopt and customize their use of Maven and Sonatype Nexus to set up a strong development infrastructure that allows them to build better software, faster.

Being a true believer of open source, Anders is active in several open source projects including Codehaus Mojo, Codehaus Cargo and the Apache Maven Project. Anders takes pride in giving back to the projects he uses in his professional work. It is not uncommon to find him giving a talk or tutorial on Maven or Nexus at conferences like Jfokus or Oredev. Lucky for us, he’s also one of the primary authors of the Sonatype Book Repository Management with Nexus and a contributing author to the rest of our Sonatype Books.

A personal note from Tim O'Brien on Anders: "Anders has been quietly and continuously contributing to all of our Sonatype books over the past few years, and he's a big reason why you don't have to suffer through all of my typos and misspellings."

If you are located in Europe and are looking for Maven or Nexus consulting or training don't hesitate to contact Devoteam Sweden. Under the leadership of Anders they can offer you the in-depth technical knowledge to help you get started with implementing a Maven or Nexus environment or improving an existing one with customizations.

We would like to thank Anders for all his hard work and contributions! Thank you Anders!

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