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New virtual Nexus training class available

We've had many requests for a Nexus class and are pleased to announce that we have added Nexus Best Practices to our Sonatype Virtual Training lineup.

Nexus Best Practices will give you the knowledge and practical instruction to get the most from your Nexus repository. Take this class to get up to speed quickly, gain better control over your component usage, and see faster build times.

This virtual class is ideal for individuals and teams who are looking to get up to speed with Nexus quickly. It is also appropriate for existing Nexus users who are interested in gaining a greater understanding of the fundamentals, as well as advanced techniques and tips and tricks.

After this course, you will:

  • Understand all of the benefits of using a repository manager
  • Be proficient with installation and maintenance of your Nexus instance
  • Use the Nexus user interface effectively as both a user and an administrator
  • Support Nexus as a key component of your enterprise development infrastructure
  • Gain control over the artifacts that can be proxied from external Maven repositories
  • Understand how to use Nexus to support staged releases

Our first class is scheduled for Thursday, October 20 from 11:00AM-5PM EDT (GMT-0400)

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Emily Blades is the former Community/Events Manager at Sonatype. She is now the Community Manager at Virtru.