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Sonatype is excited to announce that we've teamed up with Oracle to bring open-source projects to the Central Repository, the industry-leading source for open source Java components used by over 40,000 development organizations daily. projects such as GlassFish and others are now included in the Central Repository, making it easier than ever for you to locate and download components without the workarounds or advanced configurations previously required. You'll be able to leverage project assets to deliver applications faster, at a higher quality, and with less risk.

The Sonatype team worked closely with Oracle during the past year to evaluate existing legacy repositories, clean-up metadata and unite disparate content into a single site. project owners can now easily automate and control synchronization of their project artifacts to the Central Repository through a hosted version of Sonatype Pro™ for Nexus donated by Sonatype to the project.

Read more about this exciting move in our press release and this article in Dr. Dobbs.


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Written by Terry Bernstein

Terry is the former Director of Product Marketing at Sonatype. He is now the Director of Product Management at Verisign.