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Sonatype supports Hudson's move to the Eclipse Foundation

At Sonatype, we’re very excited about the Hudson proposal that has been posted to the Eclipse Foundation website today. We believe Hudson moving to the Eclipse Foundation is the best way forward for both the Hudson and Jenkins projects. Having Hudson at a mature OSS foundation like Eclipse gives enterprise users the confidence that Hudson will remain vibrant and will continue to grow, and provides an opportunity to reconnect the Jenkins and Hudson communities back into a single focused community. Sonatype supports Eclipse as a Strategic Member because we've been impressed by the infrastructure, process, and approach to project oversight. It's an ideal place for Hudson to mature.

Looking at the interested parties in the Hudson proposal it's apparent that more resources than ever will be poured into the Hudson project. Oracle and Sonatype have been working diligently to add fundamental architectural improvements to Hudson -- which has paved the way for a new stream of innovation. VMWare and Tasktop have also indicated that they will be providing additional development resources, and we're keen to start collaborating with them.

Sonatype also hopes to attract more enterprise-class contributors by taking the lead and contributing our core Hudson innovations to Eclipse. This includes all of the Maven 3.x integration that we have created to date. We were originally only going to provide a portion of our Maven 3.x integration to the OSS community, but we are so excited about Hudson moving to Eclipse we want to stimulate community adoption and wider participation by providing the best Maven integration possible.

The Hudson proposal still needs to go through the 30-day review period within the Eclipse community, but we really think Hudson has found its new home. The Eclipse Foundation is a highly respected organization, has proven to be a vendor neutral, and has fostered many successful projects. Eclipse would be a great place for Hudson and Jenkins to reunite and now would be an ideal time. It can only be a good thing for users and I sincerely hope that the Jenkins team will seriously consider this option.

Hudson plays a key role in Sonatype's commercial product portfolio so we're committed to making the project succeed at Eclipse. We will offer commercial support and value added functionality in our ‘Professional' version of Hudson. We are planning to contribute all commercial work we've invested in thus far to the Hudson project but we have more commercial features in the pipeline. Our customers tell us that along with Apache Maven, Nexus, and m2eclipse, Hudson is a critical part of their software development infrastructure. Hudson will be successful at the Eclipse Foundation and Sonatype plans to take an active part in that success.

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Written by Jason van Zyl

Jason is a co-founder and the former CTO of Sonatype.