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Minor Update to the m2eclipse Book (Edition 1.2)

At Sonatype, our books are constantly evolving and we're planning on some big changes in the m2eclipse book over the next few months including new information about how to use m2eclipse in concert with our other product offerings Nexus and Matrix. Today, a much smaller change: announcing a very minor update to the Sonatype m2eclipse book.

Edition 1.2 contains the following minor updates:

  1. Added a new appendix: Appendix B, Contributing to the m2eclipse Book. This chapter provides some of the basic information would be required by someone looking to participate in the book project including information about the tools used to write the book, how to clone the Git repository, and how to execute the Maven build for this book. (MEBOOK-78 and MEBOOK-79)
  2. The book now contains instructions for people who want to subscribe to the book announcement mailing list. (MEBOOK-77)
  3. Updated the Book's copyright to 2011. (MEBOOK-74 and MEBOOK-82)
  4. Update version of m2eclipse to 0.12.0. (MEBOOK-84)

Download the m2eclipse Book PDF by filling out the following form:

Read the m2eclipse Book online at

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