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Repository Management With Nexus

Sonatype books are the essential references for anyone working with Apache Maven, repository management, and integrating Maven with Eclipse.

Learn best practices, central concepts, and complete integration for Maven, Nexus Professional, and m2eclipse. Sonatype books offer the latest content for the software development tools you depend on.

The third book in our series of books available for downloading is Repository Management with Nexus.

Nexus Professional is a next-generation repository manager that can proxy remote repositories, host internal repositories, encourage collaboration, and increase efficiency.

Repository Management with Nexus walks you through the installation process for both the Open Source version of Nexus and Nexus Professional, and it covers important topics such as:

  • Installing Nexus as a Service on a Linux Machine
  • Nexus Best Practices
  • Managing Security with Nexus’ Fully Customizable Role-based Authentication System
  • Reading Nexus System Logs
  • Installing Nexus as a WAR in an Existing Application Server
  • Configuring Nexus Professional’s LDAP Authentication Realm
  • Configuring Nexus Professional’s Staging and Procurement Features

To download Repository Management with Nexus, please click here.