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Developer Onboarding: From Zero to Productive in Minutes

Here at Sonatype, we're interested in how long it takes a new developer to get up to speed when jumping on a new project. Or how much time is lost when you move developers from one project to another within the company. How long does it take your developers to configure a development environment?

The unfortunate truth is that developers sacrifice days every time they begin a new project or setup a new workstation. Time spent downloading, installing, and configuring Integrated Development Environments such as Eclipse, configuring source control management systems such as Subversion, and configuring build environments, all add up to an unacceptable level of inefficiency for the organization.

Now in pre-release, Sonatype is happy to provide companies with Maven Studio for Eclipse, which cuts the time developers spend configuring development environments from multiple days to minutes. The Studio allows an organization to standardize and capture development environment configuration in a single location, enabling developers to start coding with a single mouse click.

Maven Studio for Eclipse - Developer Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of getting a new developer productive. When a new developer starts working on a new project, she is often asked to install and configure the various software components involved in the software development process. This process can often take a few hours or a few days to complete, and it is one of the most inefficient processes in modern enterprise software development.

With Maven Studio for Eclipse's Developer Onboarding capabilities, you can point your developers at a simple, one-click installer that will install a customized Eclipse distribution, complete with all of the plugins used to develop a project. Instead of wasting valuable hours or days setting up a development environment, your developers will be able to get up and running in minutes.

To learn more about Developer Onboarding feature of Maven Studio for Eclipse, watch the video below.

To learn more about Maven Studio for Eclipse, contact the Sonatype team.

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