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Nexus Open Source Security: Video Walkthrough of Major Features

This video was used as a demonstration reel at January's Jfokus 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. It provides a useful walk through of the major features of Nexus Security, including user roles, groups, and privileges. If you are new to Nexus, or if you are evaluating the tool, this five minute video gives you an overview of the UI used to manage Nexus Open Source security.

Highlights of this demonstration of Nexus Security:

Time (M:SS) Note
0:20 Logging into Nexus.
0:29 Listing and managing Nexus Users
0:38 Adding a Nexus User
1:00 Assigning User Roles
1:18 Browsing a User's Role Tree
1:40 Tracing a Privilege to a Role
2:04 Listing Different Classes of Users
2:26 Managing Nexus Roles
2:54 Creating a Custom Nexus Role
3:52 Managing Nexus Privileges
4:26 Creating a Custom Privilege Set
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