Resources Blog Pascal Rapicault, Lead of Equinox p2, Joining Sonatype

Pascal Rapicault, Lead of Equinox p2, Joining Sonatype

I'm happy to announce that Pascal Rapicault, lead of the Equinox p2 team, is going to be joining Sonatype. As lead of p2, Pascal's work has helped define the way that components are designed, developed, and deployed within the Eclipse framework. I'm confident that his work is going to be an essential part of what allows Sonatype to create some of the Next Generation development infrastructure I've been describing over the past few weeks.

Here's an excerpt from Pascal's blog announcing his arrival at Sonatype:

I'm very excited about the opportunity to join Sonatype because they have an exciting portfolio of products and a commitment to open source (Maven, m2eclipse, ...). Therefore I will continue to be heavily involved in the Eclipse community and provide leadership for the p2 project. I look forward to being a part of the Eclipse team from a new perspective and have no doubt that I will run into other members of the Eclipse team in the future.

We're happy to have him on board, and you can look forward to see his work and his writing on this blog in the months to come.

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Jason is a co-founder and the former CTO of Sonatype.