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Nexus Hosted Repositories: Video Walkthrough of Major Features

This demonstration video was used at our booth at last month's Jfokus 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. It provides a quick, audio-less overview of some of the major features of Nexus Hosted repositories:

Highlights of this demonstration reel:

Time (M:SS) Notes
0:29 List of default hosted repositories. Nexus ships with three hosted repositories: releases, snapshots, and 3rd party.
0:45 Artifact Upload - Nexus allows you to upload artifacts or collections of related artifacts under the same GAV to a hosted repository.
1:30 Browsing storage - When you browse storage for a hosted repository, you are browsing the contents that are stored locally in the Nexus instance.
1:45 Browsing archives - this is a feature that is available in Nexus Professional. Just click on an archive under Browse Storage and Nexus will open up a Browse Archive tab.
1:57 Browsing the repository index - each repository in Nexus is associated with an index. This Nexus index allows tools like Nexus and m2eclipse to quickly locate artifacts in a repository.
2:05 Manipulating Artifact Metadata - you can modify, view, and search repository metadata that is associated with each repository artifact.
2:13 Custom Metadata - you can define your own custom metadata
2:40 Walkthrough of the Nexus Hosted Repository configuration options.
3:05 Defining available mirrors for Hosted Repositories
3:23 Hosted repository summary information
3:35 Searching custom metadata
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