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Welcome to the roundup of blog posts that mention Nexus, Maven, and other projects that Sonatype developers contribute to.

From Apache Archiva to Sonatype Nexus
"Having recently migrated a significant number of repository servers from Apache Archiva to Sonatype Nexus, I would like to share with you the process I followed, some tips, and point out a few pitfalls I encountered."
By Arnaud Heritier, on 9 February 2010

Mert Caliskan's Weblog: Skipping tests in Maven
"So you want to skip a test or all of the tests since you're seeing a BUILD FAILURE, and it's blocking you... "
By mert, on Feb 07 2010

Gemserk blog: Signing JARs for Applet and Webstart
"By default, applications launched with Java Webstart or as an Applet run in a restricted environment. We are using some technologies which require unrestricted access like Lwjgl, Jinput and custom ClassLoaders. In order to have access to these features, every jar must be signed with a certificate."
By Gemserk, on February 7th, 2010

Releasing a project to Maven Central repository via Sonatype
"If you have an open-source project and want it published into the Maven Central repository - even if it itself isn't build with maven - to make it visible to all Maven users without any special effort (at least once you set everything up), read on."
By holy, on February 7th, 2010

Tomas Malmsten's blog: How to modify the versoin code and version name in the AndroidManifest using GMaven
"After having automated our android project and getting everything to work, up and running on hudson and so on, we realised that the Android manifest xml file did not get automatically updated with the correct version numbers."
By Tomas Malmsten, on February 5, 2010 Maven to be Built on Guice
"Sonatype, the professional services company that sponsors the development of many key Maven committers, has announced that they are investigating moving Maven to a plugin layer on top of the Guice Dependency Injection (DI) container, and moving away from the Plexus DI container."
By Josh Long, on Feb 04, 2010

Code Bzzz…: Maven and the (anti-) Hype
"Today I had a short discussion with one of my colleagues about why we’re using Gradle in favor of Maven as our build tool. Although I really like Gradle and think it’s conceptually far better than Maven, at the moment I would have chosen Maven because it’s more mature and because most tools have some kind of support for Maven (works great with Eclipse, NetBeans, Hudson,...)"
By Stefan, on February 4, 2010

Simpligility: Documenting Android Development with Apache Maven
"Shortly after my first hack day with Android development and the conclusion that I really like where the platform and development is going, I started to look at building Android application outside the Android Developer Toolkit in Eclipse."
By manfred, on February 2, 2010

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Written by Jason van Zyl

Jason is a co-founder and the former CTO of Sonatype.