Resources Blog Nexus Book (Edition 2.0): Fixes, Refactored Introduction

Nexus Book (Edition 2.0): Fixes, Refactored Introduction

Even though many of you are busily enjoying the year-end holidays, we're busy at work trying to make quality software. We've just cut Edition 2.0 of "Repository Management with Nexus", this edition has some important bug fixes and a refactored introduction. Much of the introductory "What is a Repository?" material has been pulled out of the introduction and placed into a new chapter dedicated to the concepts of repository management.

For a list of changes in Edition 2.0, please see the release notes for this edition in the Nexus book.

Special thanks to John Yeary and Anders Hammar for providing essential feedback and for identifying typos and errors.

Repository Management with Sonatype Nexus

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