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Nexus Book Update: Now Available from Lulu

 Lulu is an on-demand printing service so orders will take around 3-5 days to complete. We've decided to start distributing the book at the lowest price possible to make sure that anyone can get their hands on a copy. Let us know if having a printed version is important to you, and also contact us if you have any requests or comments about the printed product.

Read on for a list of changes in the latest Nexus Book release.

1.1. Changes in Edition 1.7.1

The following changes were introduced in Edition 1.7.1 on November
2, 2009:

  • Updated version of Nexus and Nexus Pro to 1.4.0

1.2. Changes in Edition 1.7

The following changes were introduced in Edition 1.7 on September
28, 2009:

  • Updated Information about Roles and Privileges. (NXBOOK-290)
    • Updated Figure , “Managing Security Privileges”
    • Updated Figure , “Managing Security Privileges”
    • Updated Figure 5.23, “Create, Delete, Read, and Update Privileges Created”
    • Updated Figure 5.26, “Managing Security Roles”
    • Updated Figure , “Managing Security Roles”
    • Updated Figure , “Managing Security Roles”
    • Updated Figure 5.29, “Managing Security Roles”
    • Added Figure 5.30, “Managing Users”
    • Added Figure 5.31, “Nexus User Role Tree”
    • Added Figure 5.32, “Nexus User Privilege Trace”
    • Updated Section, “Managing Users”
    • Updated Section, “Managing Security Roles”
    • Updated Section, “Managing Privileges”
  • Updated repository configuration section
    • Udpated Figure 5.9, “Repository Configuration Screen for a Proxy Repository”
    • Updated Figure 5.10, “Repository Configuration Screen for a Proxy Repository”
    • Added information about the Publish URL setting to Section 5.1.2, “Managing Repositories”. (NXBOOK-291)
    • Added Figure 5.11, “Proxy Configuration Access Settings for a Hosted
    • Added information about "Deployment Policy" to Section 5.1.2, “Managing Repositories”. (NXBOOK-292)
    • Updated the SMTP settings screenshot to include the Test
      Settings button. (NXBOOK-326)
  • Added a section about the automated error reporting feature
    • Added Figure 5.5, “Configuring the Automated Error Reporting”
    • Added Figure 5.6, “The Sonatype Issue Tracker”
    • Added Figure 5.7, “Signing Up for a Sonatype Issue Tracker Account”
    • Added documentation of feature to Section, “Configuring Automated Error Reporting Settings”
  • Added a section about the Repository Summary Panel (NXBOOK-297)
    • Added Figure 5.14, “Repository Summary Panel for a Hosted Repository”
    • Added Figure 5.15, “Repository Summary Panel for a Proxy Repository”
    • Added Figure 5.16, “Repository Summary Panel for a Virtual Repository”
    • Added documentation of feature to Section, “Viewing Repository Summary Panel”
  • Added a section about Staging Rulesets (NXBOOK-303)
    • Added Figure 9.8, “Creating a Staging Ruleset”
    • Added documentation of feature to Section 9.6.1, “Managing Staging Rulesets”
    • Updated Section 9.3.3, “Configuring Staging Profiles” to
      include information about associating Rulesets with Staging
    • Added Figure , “Associating a Staging Ruleset with a Staging Profile”
    • Added instructions for associating rulesets to profiles in
      Section 9.6.2, “Defining Rulesets for Promotion”
  • Added information about browsing a repository index
    • Updated text in Section 4.2, “Browsing Repositories”
    • Added Figure 4.3, “Browsing a Nexus Repository Index”
    • Updated Figure 4.2, “Browsing a Nexus Repository”
    • Updated text in Section 4.3, “Browsing Groups”
    • Added Figure 4.5, “Browsing a Nexus Group Index”
    • Updated Figure 4.4, “Browsing a Nexus Group”
  • Document new version notification settings (NXBOOK-325)
    • Added Figure 5.8, “New Version Notification Settings”
    • Added documentation for feature to Section, “New Version Notification”
  • Added a new chapter Chapter 17, Nexus Best Practices. (NXBOOK-64)
  • Added Chapter 14, User Account Plugin (NXBOOK-305)
  • Added Chapter 15, Nexus Atlassian Crowd Plugin. (NXBOOK-313)

  • Added Chapter 16, Artifact Bundles. (NXBOOK-309)
  • Added a new chapter Chapter 13, Deploying Sites to Nexus. (NXBOOK-306)
  • Added a new chapter Chapter 18, Developing Nexus Plugins. (NXBOOK-336)

  • Updated Figure 5.4, “Configuring PGP Keyserver Preferences”, to
    include an updated list of keyservers. (NXBOOK-316)
  • Updating Screenshots in Chapter 9, Nexus Staging Suite. (NXBOOK-308)
    • Updated Figure 9.3, “.*Enterprise Menu after Staging Suite Installation”.
    • Updated Figure 9.6, “Editing a Staging Profile”.
    • Updated Figure 9.7, “Uploading a Staged Deployment in Nexus”.
  • Removed the list of Application Privileges from Section, “Managing Privileges”.
  • Added a clarification about the SASL Realm option to Section 7.3, “Connection and Authentication”. (NXBOOK-307)
  • Fixed a problem with a label in Section 1.1, “Introduction”. (NXBOOK-219)
  • Added Linux trademark attribution to Copyright. (NXBOOK-321)

  • Changed all references to Linux to GNU/Linux. (NXBOOK-322)
  • Documented the new RSS feed for Errors and Exceptions in Section 4.6, “Browsing System Feeds”. (NXBOOK-287)
  • Fixing typos from proofread of the Edition 1.6 PDF:
    • Fixed various spelling and grammar errors on page 78 in
      Section 4.3, “Browsing Groups” and Section 4.4, “Searching for Artifacts”. (NXBOOK-221)
    • Fixed sentence structure issue on page 77 in Section 4.2, “Browsing Repositories”. (NXBOOK-222)
    • Fixed a hyphenation issue in the first sentence of the
      first paragraph of Section 4.2, “Browsing Repositories” on page 76. (NXBOOK-223)

    • Removed extra comma from third sentence of first paragraph
      of Section 3.5, “Adding a Repository to a Group” on page 72.
    • Fixed a that/which in fourth sentence of first paragraph
      of Section 3.4, “Adding a New Repository” on page 71. Fixed a
      spelling issue in the last sentence of the same paragraph.
    • Separated sentence in the conf/
      entry, indexer/ entry, and
      logs/ entry on page 61 in Section 2.10.1, “Sonatype Nexus Work Directory”. (NXBOOK-232)
    • Fixed a grammar issue in the first sentence of the note on
      page 57 in Section 2.8, “Installing the Nexus WAR”. (NXBOOK-233)
    • Fixed grammar issues in the last paragraph of Section, “Add Nexus as a Service on Redhat, Fedora, and CentOS” on page 55.

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