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The Definitive Guide Edition 0.7.1 Released

This release of the Definitive Guide updates the Flexmojos chapter to version 3.3.0, fixes more bugs and typos, and moves the book PDF to a more standard book size. You can see for yourself by:

Maven: The Definitive Guide

For those of you following the book's open source project, here are the release notes from the Definitive Guide's JIRA project:


  • [MVNDEF-141] - Add Documentation for the new baseUri and baseUrl properties
  • [MVNDEF-260] - Point People at the Sonatype flexmojos Repository
  • [MVNDEF-262] - Ensure that all Plugin Parameters are Consistent with FlexMojos 3.3.0 (look at source diff)
  • [MVNDEF-263] - Make sure that we're not pointing people at the wrong repository (see Velo's email)
  • [MVNDEF-264] - Update Figure 2 in Flex Chapter to Reference the Proper FlexMojos repository
  • [MVNDEF-265] - Update Figure 3 in Flex Chapter to Reference the Proper FlexMojos repository
  • [MVNDEF-268] - Update Version numbers for Maven to 2.2.1


  • [MVNDEF-26] - Verify Permissions for Definitive Guide Example Source Code
  • [MVNDEF-30] - Verify Fix in Current Version: p108 bullet 2 versus bullet 4
  • [MVNDEF-32] - Fix Error in Example 4.20: Problem in Goal Execution Configuration
  • [MVNDEF-33] - Fix Inconsistent Zip Codes in Ch4 Example
  • [MVNDEF-42] - Fix Character Style Typo in Chapter 12: Wrong Text Formatted as XML Element
  • [MVNDEF-43] - Investigate/Fix Maven Build Error in Chapter 7 Example
  • [MVNDEF-72] - Ensure that Downloaded Examples Build without Access to the Sonatype Nexus Repository
  • [MVNDEF-130] - Add Clarifying Note to Chapter 7: Build Parent First
  • [MVNDEF-248] - Spacing Issue, Text leaks beyond page boundaries on page xii


  • [MVNDEF-41] - Introduction Should Use archetype:generate, not archetype:create (It's friendlier for new users)
  • [MVNDEF-254] - Embed Fonts in Maven Definitive Guide
  • [MVNDEF-258] - Upgrade Maven Def Guide to Flex Mojos 3.3.0


  • [MVNDEF-252] - Resize Book to Royal Quarto (7.444" x 9.681")
  • [MVNDEF-253] - Reset margins for Book PDF, Change PDF to Double-sided (alternating inner/outer margins)
  • [MVNDEF-255] - Remove all Width Declarations for Print imagedata elements
  • [MVNDEF-256] - Automate the Generation of Screenshot Figures (both Print and PDF)
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