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Maven Handbook 0.1.3: Minimal Update, Print-Friendly PDF

Announcing the availability of The Maven Handbook, Edition 0.1.3. While this book is at an early, pre-alpha stage of development, you can read it by:

The Maven Handbook (Early Pre-Alpha)

The following changes were introduced in Edition 0.1.3 on September 17, 2009:

Release Notes - Book - Maven Handbook - Version 0.1.3


  • [MVNCOOK-9] - Fix a that/which Problem on Page 53
  • [MVNCOOK-10] - Fix the loggin.log Problem on Page 52
  • [MVNCOOK-11] - Fix "only avaiable when" Issue on Page 52
  • [MVNCOOK-12] - Fix Spelling Problem on Page 5
  • [MVNCOOK-13] - Fix Duplicate "the", Investigate Other Problems on Page 41
  • [MVNCOOK-14] - Remove Unnecessary Comma from Page 40
  • [MVNCOOK-15] - Is it "Login" or "Log in" on Page 40
  • [MVNCOOK-16] - Fix Spelling Problem on Page 33
  • [MVNCOOK-17] - Remove Duplicate Punctuation, Investigate other Issues on Page 1


  • [MVNCOOK-8] - Address Feedback from Proof of the 0.1.2 PDF


  • [MVNCOOK-18] - Resize the Cookbook PDF to Royal Quatro (7.444" x 9.681")
  • [MVNCOOK-19] - Assign the Cookbook an ISBN
  • [MVNCOOK-20] - Create a Title Page for the Cookbook
  • [MVNCOOK-21] - Create a Copyright Page for the Cookbook
  • [MVNCOOK-22] - Embed Fonts in the Cookbook
  • [MVNCOOK-23] - Standardize on 0.5" Margins in the Cookbook
  • [MVNCOOK-24] - Automate the creation of print resolution screenshots for the Cookbook
  • [MVNCOOK-25] - Start using roles for imageobjects in the Cookbook
  • [MVNCOOK-26] - Add Text of Creative Commons to the Copyright Chapter
  • [MVNCOOK-27] - Change the name of Maven Cookbook to Maven Handbook
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