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m2eclipse Book 0.6: Maven Repository View, Better PDF Output

Announcing the availability of Developing with Eclipse and Maven, Edition 0.6. Learn m2eclipse today by:

This edition adds a new section describing the new Maven Repository view. The 0.6 Edition also includes format changes necessary to facilitate on-demand printing.

Developing with Eclipse and Maven

The following changes were introduced in Edition 0.6.2 on September 16, 2009:

Release Notes - Book - M2E - Version 0.6.1


  • [MEBOOK-25] - Fix Spelling Errors on Page 51
  • [MEBOOK-28] - Remove Duplicate "about" from Page 29
  • [MEBOOK-29] - Space Between Enabling/Disabling on Page 28
  • [MEBOOK-30] - Fix Dangling Reference on Page 17
  • [MEBOOK-31] - Fix Dangling Reference on Page 10


  • [MEBOOK-9] - Fix Capitalization Errors and Fix unintentional possessive noun for projects
  • [MEBOOK-12] - Fix Redundant mention of Subversion
  • [MEBOOK-13] - Testing


  • [MEBOOK-8] - Clarify that the POM Form-based Editor is Only Available if you installed it


  • [MEBOOK-16] - Resize Book to Royal Quarto (7.444" x 9.681")
  • [MEBOOK-17] - Embed fonts in m2e Book PDF
  • [MEBOOK-18] - Convert All Figures into Imageobjects with the Appropriate Roles
  • [MEBOOK-19] - Maven repository index screen
  • [MEBOOK-20] - Add a Blank Page to the End of the PDF (Lulu)
  • [MEBOOK-21] - Add a Title Page to the PDF
  • [MEBOOK-22] - Set all Margins to 0.5" throughout book
  • [MEBOOK-23] - Automate the Production of Print and Web Figures
  • [MEBOOK-32] - Assign the Book an ISBN
  • [MEBOOK-33] - Add the Full Text of the Creative Commons to the Copyright Frontmatter
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