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Welcome to the weekly roundup of blogs and tweets that mention Nexus, Maven, and other projects that Sonatype developers contribute to.


Segers Consulting: The Spring 3 RC1 maven artifacts have arrived!
"Yesterday I saw a tweet of Arjen Poutsma that the new Spring 3 RC1 artifacts are released on the springsource maven repo. This made me curious off course so I started a little mavenized hello world app with Spring MVC."
by Bram Bruneel on September 30th, 2009

Wazi: Creating a Maven-Based Development Environment on Linux
"Maven is quickly becoming the de facto standard for Java project builds, as more developers realize its benefits and choose to migrate from Ant. Gone are the days when external project dependencies clogged up valuable space in source code control repositories. Once programmers become familiar with Maven, discovering all its advantages along the way, development proceeds as if they couldn't get the job done without it."
by Grant Smith on Sep 28th, 2009


brambruneel: Blogged about #spring3 & #maven
Tuesday, September 29th at 20:07:46

aheritier: I'm discovering #Nexus Procurement Suite
Tuesday, September 29th at 12:00:38

mavenbook: RT @Brian_Fox: Setting up a #Maven development environment in #linux:
Monday, September 28th at 22:16:09

openlogic: New article on Wazi: "Creating a Maven-Based Development Environment on Linux" - #maven #linux #nexus #opensource #oss
Monday, September 28th at 19:19:54

nexusbook: #Nexus Indexer API: Part 3 by Damian Bradicich: Read on #Sonatype blog:
Monday, September 28th at 16:07:50

breun: @graemerocher Time to install Nexus?
Monday, September 28th at 08:42:01

mcculls: RT @Brian_Fox: why a repo manager helps if you have more than a handful of devs using #maven in one location
Monday, September 28th at 03:41:07

jvanzyl: @johanlkarlsson #Microlog Sonatype is happy to try and help any OSS project improve their workflow to Maven Central:
Sunday, September 27th at 15:36:31

jvanzyl: @obqo If it's a set of OSS artifacts Sonatype can help:
Saturday, September 26th at 17:02:29

soilandreyes: @egonwillighagen #taverna is not planning to dump #maven even if moving to #OSGi - but Raven will have to go.
Saturday, September 26th at 17:21:25

hleinone: Released a new version of my #Maven plugin!
Saturday, September 26th at 10:12:24

mavenbook_fr: [maven-guide-fr] ealliaume - 1 commits
Saturday, September 26th at 09:28:33

tommasoteofili: very useful!! debugging test on Maven
Saturday, September 26th at 08:03:25

bubbl: Sonatype Nexus Maven Repository Manager
Friday, September 25th at 23:58:54

jvanzyl: Sonatype developed training at Skillsmatter on October 26th:
Friday, September 25th at 14:29:30

gustavonalle: I'll be giving a #maven training at London on October 26th and 27th at #skillsmatter
Friday, September 25th at 07:51:11

nexusbook: Read #Sonatype Newsletter: September 2009 Webinar on OSGi support in #Nexus, #Maven 3.0 roadmap
Friday, September 25th at 00:44:58

cynipe: Maven 3.0 technology preview #maven
Friday, September 25th at 01:20:00

stuartsierra: The trouble with #maven isn't #maven, it's the repositories.
Thursday, September 24th at 21:52:14

stuartsierra: My forked #clojure #maven plugin now has REPL & SWANK targets with all sources on classpath
Thursday, September 24th at 16:22:22

rodrigoy: I like (well structured) Maven projects. I don't see much difference between mvn install and rake gems:install. #maven
Thursday, September 24th at 16:28:57

tonit: Reading through OSGi EEG Meeting Minutes from this year. Interesting to finally have access to this. #sonatype #osgi #eeg
Thursday, September 24th at 16:51:42

mraible: @jvanzyl Anything I can do to help speed up the process of getting GWT 1.7.1 into the central #maven repo?
Thursday, September 24th at 14:14:15

jvanzyl: @mraible Yes, get google to deploy directly against and then we won't have these discussions every release.
Thursday, September 24th at 14:25:33

tikalk: ittayd just posted a Forum post titled: "automated deployment with maven" read @:
Thursday, September 24th at 06:33:38

DomesticMouse: I'm so sold on using maven for project management. much easier than playing in jar hell. and netbeans is really quite good with maven.
Thursday, September 24th at 01:06:15

nexusbook: Access Logging in Nexus 1.3.6: read on Sonatype blog #nexus #maven
Wednesday, September 23rd at 22:05:46

maxandersen: Writing down notes/requirements for productized (Maven) repository for JBoss subscriptions
Wednesday, September 23rd at 09:12:55

bubbl: Hibernate-Spring-Maven-Eclipse-Tutorial.pdf (application/pdf Objeto)
Wednesday, September 23rd at 08:09:38

DZone: Big Link "Useful Maven Plugins" by juded
Wednesday, September 23rd at 08:37:59

Loneguard: Heute ist der große Test angesagt: Artifactory gegen Nexus. Nachdem was ich gesehen habe, wird Nexus wohl Sieger sein. #java #maven
Wednesday, September 23rd at 06:48:52

hugojosefson: @prenaud76 i'd love to help! please post your pom to or #maven #android #proguard
Wednesday, September 23rd at 04:27:14

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