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In Other News: Blogs and Tweets

Welcome to the weekly roundup of blogs and tweets that mention Nexus, Maven, and other projects that Sonatype developers contribute to.


Flex cookbook beta: Invoke FlexPMD with Maven on build Flex projects
"Problem Summary: Setup Maven and FlexPMD, tune them to use for Flex applications build process automatize/report.
Solution Summary: Download Apache Maven 2, setup and register it in system, write proper command file to download and setup all needed FlexPMD. Build, compile and install test project site. Setup FlexPMD plugin and use it for test project reporting."
by Olga Korokhina on September 14, 2009

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Blog: Maven Properties and Filters Support in Maia
"Next Maia EAP comes with full support of Maven Properties and Filtered Resources. New features include:
Go to declaration with Ctrl+B on a property from your pom.xml files, settings.xml and profiles.xml files, system and environment properties, and properties defined in custom Maven filters."
September 7th, 2009 by Anton Makeev

InformIT: Managing Java Build Lifecycles with Maven
"You've undoubtedly heard me talk about two primary contenders in the Java build tool space: Ant and Maven, but in actuality categorizing Maven as simply a build tool is doing it a disservice. Maven should rather be categorized as a project management or a project lifecycle management tool. Maven is meant to take control of the building, testing, and packaging of your application: your responsibility is to describe your project to Maven and its job is to manage its build lifecycle."
Last updated Jul 31, 2009

Turmoil Driven Development: OSGi With Scala, Java, Groovy, Maven and PAX
"In this first installment, I'm going to attempt to walk you through the setup of an OSGi project that is comprised of three OSGi bundles; one for Java, one for Groovy and one for Scala. In an effort to keep it simple, I'm going to employ a trivial hello world example in each bundle. The emphasis of this post is to introduce some concepts and illustrate how to get an environment up and running."
By Brian Murphy on Wednesday, May 6, 2009


darcia: WTP 'mini howto' #maven + #eclipse (tnxs @jvanzyl)
Tuesday, September 22nd at 16:17:09

hot_bp: Maven Book (DE): Maven: The Definitive Guide
Tuesday, September 22nd at 16:01:17

SciComp: jens refs T320 - Moved maven-jxr-plugin up. It needs to be executed before the ta...
Tuesday, September 22nd at 15:51:21

johndmitchell: Survey: Ant vs Maven vs Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans - Exploring Incremental Builds #programming #java #build #tools
Tuesday, September 22nd at 15:27:00

abayer: Sonatype Maven Meetup in April: (now I need to figure out how to get myself in Philly for it!)
Tuesday, September 22nd at 14:23:38

l0st3d: @jamesjefferies maven completion in zsh :
Tuesday, September 22nd at 13:28:35

jvanzyl: Milos is poking around the #maven irc channel which means he's looking at syncing up Maven Netbeans integration with Maven 3.x trunk
Tuesday, September 22nd at 13:19:31

ehsavoie: RT @evenisse: Maven Properties and Filters Support in Maia:
Tuesday, September 22nd at 13:04:07

mhu_: maven plugin:
Tuesday, September 22nd at 12:56:12

jvanzyl: @edewit Daily builds will soon be available from Sonatype (we are actually not allow to promote/release these from Apache)
Tuesday, September 22nd at 12:01:23

codePrincess: MAVEN_OPTS="-Xms512m" mvn eclipse:eclipse !! (ohne expliz. speicherzuweisung -> 55min2sek; mit speicherzuweisung -> 1min22sek) #maven #meWIN
Tuesday, September 22nd at 11:18:35

FranckArnulfo: with good link RT @SimonBrandhof: Agenda of the Sonatype Maven Meetup : Maven, Nexus, Hudson and Sonar
Tuesday, September 22nd at 10:26:14

sachav: #SpringFramework running on #GoogleAppEngine with #Maven project struct, app dev and deployed using #Eclipse . Only packaging using CLI
Monday, September 21st at 19:45:09

darcia: Integrate an existing #maven project structure in the #eclipse WTP #howto
Monday, September 21st at 19:47:26

sachav: #SpringFramework running on #GoogleAppEngine w/ #Maven project struct, app dev and deploy using #Eclipse . Only packaging using CLI #fb
Monday, September 21st at 19:46:45

sachav: Phew. Trying to combine: #GoogleAppEngine, #Eclipse, #Maven and #SpringFramework. Lots of configuration and searching for dependencies...#fb
Monday, September 21st at 19:17:49

ajordens: #Maven Plugin to generate DDL from #Hibernate #JPA annotations -
Monday, September 21st at 18:18:07

opusdevelopment: Maven: Do not forget to put "generatePom=true" when you "install:install-file" in your local repository.
Monday, September 21st at 15:23:19

mentby: Javascript support #maven
Monday, September 21st at 13:48:13

codemonkeyism: @olabini 20% is Maven complexity, 80% is project complexity (plugins, modules, dependencies,...) - hard to reduce even without XML #maven
Monday, September 21st at 13:30:28

pkr2: starting on my new plugin for #atlassian #codegeist, #maven is great when it is just working!
Monday, September 21st at 11:26:25

edewit: Trying out maven 3 went to a presentation of Jason van Zyl after hearing from him I can't wait to get my build time down.
Monday, September 21st at 08:31:58

harrison3001: Reading: InformIT: Java Reference Guide > Managing Java Build Lifecycles with Maven
Monday, September 21st at 07:03:56

cziegeler: New releases for #osgi tooling : Maven SCR Plugin 1.4 and SCR Annotations 1.0 (both supporting DS 1.1)
Monday, September 21st at 06:23:31

eirbjo: I suck less. I use Maven Interesting Maven 3 talk by @jvanzyl at #javazone. Video at
Sunday, September 20th at 20:52:27

teiq: #JME and #Blackberry Mobile Development On #Maven For #Mac -
Sunday, September 20th at 21:31:01

eirbjo: I suck less. I use Maven Interesting Maven 3 talk by @jvanzyl at #javazone. Video at
Sunday, September 20th at 20:52:27

nestor_urquiza: If you are using Java for web development consider Maven
Sunday, September 20th at 14:42:53

kenglxn: seam-maven-refimpl officially sanctioned seam maven project template
Sunday, September 20th at 14:26:23

hleinone: I'm in love with Maven release plugin!
Sunday, September 20th at 14:19:56

blojsomdev: Routine maintenance on my MacBook Pro. Maven migration taking a pause. Laptop needed a serious "disk scrubbing"; lots of clutter.
Sunday, September 20th at 13:22:21

thomaslundstrom: Working out how to best use #cucumber and #webrat to integration test a wicket page in maven.
Sunday, September 20th at 10:31:48

nraychaudhuri: maven #scala plugin has a nice little continuous compilation feature
Sunday, September 20th at 05:02:39

nadersoliman: yeppppiii ... #maven + #appengine + #struts2 and working both locally and on
Saturday, September 19th at 23:04:34

nadersoliman: second try #maven with #appengine looks like it is working
Saturday, September 19th at 19:54:25

raQuiam: IAM - Maven 2 integrate with Eclipse -
Saturday, September 19th at 14:57:58

bubbl: Getting started with Maven and Spring
Saturday, September 19th at 11:23:05

wwwtopmodelio: Maven - Welcome to Apache Maven STRISCIANOTIZIA.COM
Saturday, September 19th at 10:22:42

morlhon: #citcon birth of a new maven plugin : showing the artifacts list diff between the latest and current version.
Saturday, September 19th at 10:16:49

dbaeli: I'll try the Maven mojo version plugin. Look like great. Thanks to @aheritier. #citcon (via @gboissinot)
Saturday, September 19th at 10:15:36

gboissinot: #citcon : "end2end maven deployment" build plan for release algorithm : (via @morlhon)
Saturday, September 19th at 10:13:41

gboissinot: I'll try the Maven mojo version plugin. Look like great. Thanks to @aheritier. #citcon
Saturday, September 19th at 10:13:11

morlhon: #citcon : "end2end maven deployment" build plan for release algorithm :
Saturday, September 19th at 10:07:02

cubeinhabitant: Got maven to build schema from hibernate annotations. Going to bed now.
Saturday, September 19th at 04:55:40

harl_seldom: Hudson + Maven-PHP: A positronic deployment machine.
Saturday, September 19th at 04:08:16

rajeshgrao: good to be back in control of my development environment. I knew I could manage it. maven, hudson, sonar...
Saturday, September 19th at 04:06:41

rajeshgrao: back to using Maven. yay! crazy how some people just don't see value in using a good platform for TDD. they just talk TDD and not follow it
Saturday, September 19th at 04:03:17

arwhyte: Working on SiteStats; configured the maven-license-plugin; ran mvn license:format and added a copyright header to all *.java files. Magic.
Saturday, September 19th at 02:27:27

eiichirouchiumi: Now, Jazzmaster 1.2.0 has been uploaded to the Apache Maven Central Repository
Saturday, September 19th at 02:13:59

TheRIAdeveloper: Setting up FlexPMD with maven in our project
Friday, September 18th at 15:58:18

jlrigau: #Maven in #Eclipse | EclipseSource Blog
Friday, September 18th at 15:57:37

gdickens: RT @dsklyut: RT @patbaumgartner: Maven 3 will use #OSGi 4 plugin modularity & bkwrd compatibility. A nice move 2 Concierge, Guice & Peaberry
Friday, September 18th at 15:21:09

sachav: loves #maven. pretty complex project structure perfectly controlled in #eclipse!!
Friday, September 18th at 16:46:55

mc_prins: done cooking the #maven pom files for #esri #arcgis libs; everything is ported and compiles again; it's time for the weekend to start
Friday, September 18th at 14:38:34

DZone: Big Link "Maven in Eclipse: A powerful combination" by zx
Friday, September 18th at 14:07:23

ChariotSolution: Chariot Announces Dates 2010 Emerging Technologies Conference. Will Co-locate w/Sonatype's Maven Meetup in Phila.
Friday, September 18th at 13:50:29

guillelamb: Waiting for Hudson and Maven to confirm me that I can leave 8-)
Friday, September 18th at 13:23:41

aaronwhite: Complete GAE + Lift + Maven project zipped up, with datastore - kevingame: Kevin has been doing some awesome...
Friday, September 18th at 13:16:01

jexample: @prauber we have a local #maven repo at but still waiting to get into the central repo
Thursday, September 17th at 22:55:32

mentby: Maven2 jsf-web project on Eclipse #maven
Thursday, September 17th at 16:03:35

mavenbook: Announcing Sonatype Maven Meetup to be held in Philadelphia on April 6th, 2009:
Thursday, September 17th at 16:00:40

caoimhin_b: The maven native plug-in is really useful. I now have a full maven build from C++ mathlib code through to a web start deployment!
Thursday, September 17th at 16:00:32

jlrigau: #Maven in #Eclipse | EclipseSource Blog
Friday, September 18th at 15:57:37

peetersn: Doing the 5-minute-test for SOA/BPEL testing with SOAPUI Maven plugin and Apache ODE. Quite cool!
Thursday, September 17th at 15:14:49

graemerocher: I am capable of compassion. I have given Grails Maven users a lot of love this week #grails #maven
Thursday, September 17th at 15:07:53

pthivent: An introduction to Maven Failsafe Plugin (a fork of the Surefire plugin designed to run integration test)
Thursday, September 17th at 14:51:31

mc_prins: done cooking the #maven pom files for #esri #arcgis libs; everything is ported and compiles again; it's time for the weekend to start
Friday, September 18th at 14:38:34

basil3rd: Completed three week review of FOSS and Commercial dependencies. Many projects have a poor record of their license info. #maven helped some.
Thursday, September 17th at 13:59:14

m2eclipse: Maven in Eclipse: A powerful combo
Thursday, September 17th at 13:27:02

patbaumgartner: Tonight: Next Generation Development Infrastructure: Maven, M2Eclipse, Nexus & Hudson with Jason van Zyl, Sonatype -
Thursday, September 17th at 13:05:23

graemerocher: Deployed 1.2-SNAPSHOT versions of the Grails maven plugin and archetype that work with a current snapshot of Grails 1.2 #grails #maven
Thursday, September 17th at 09:14:02

graemerocher: Working on getting a new version of the Maven plugin working with Grails 1.2 so Maven works with Grails 1.2 M3 #grails #maven
Thursday, September 17th at 08:54:49

brettporter: @mraible the ability to re-configure #maven's default lifecycle goals (
Wednesday, September 16th at 16:26:47

mojavelinux: @mraible Personally I would choose src/itest/java (or simply itest/java to follow up on my previous Maven suggestion).
Wednesday, September 16th at 16:26:19

mentby: Failing to Fetch Snapshots with Every Build - How to disable undesired Behaviour #maven
Wednesday, September 16th at 15:07:30

mraible: Thinking about adding multiple source directory support to the Maven GWT Plugin: #maven #gwt
Wednesday, September 16th at 12:58:43

mentby: One pom file generating 2 artifacts #maven
Wednesday, September 16th at 11:04:55

tikalk: ittayd just posted a Article titled: "interesting new cli options in maven 2.1 " read @:
Wednesday, September 16th at 08:29:30

DZone: Big Link "Useful Maven Plugins: Part 2" by janicesequeira
Wednesday, September 16th at 04:15:59

bubbl_scala: Richard's technical notes: Using an existing Scala + Maven project in ...
Wednesday, September 16th at 01:47:03

caoimhin_b: Is almost there with setting up a nice maven based build and deploy system (with what I can do between crazy coding cycles)
Wednesday, September 16th at 01:32:53

framiere: Thanks #maven & #xsd: Celerio can now be configured indiferentely in maven or in a external file with no additionnal cost !
Tuesday, September 15th at 22:05:37

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