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Nexus Book Edition 1.4: SSL Doc, Expanded Install Docs

Announcing the availability of Repository Management with Nexus, Edition 1.4. Learn Nexus today by:

This edition contains three major changes from Edition 1.3, and a series of smaller changes that are captured in the release notes included at the end of this blog post:

  • A new appendix focused on SSL configuration: configuring client-side certificates, configuring Nexus to serve SSL directly, and configuring SSL redirect.
  • Expansion of the installation chapter to describe the contents of the various directories created by Nexus.
  • Numerous typos, references, and errors fixed in the latest edition of the book.

Repository Management with Sonatype Nexus

The following changes were introduced in Edition 1.4 on August 24,

The following typos and errors were addressed in edition

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