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Nexus Now Supports OpenSearch Standard

The new Nexus 1.3.4 release adds an exciting new feature: OpenSearch. The OpenSearch is a common framework to define and interact with search capabilities. This usually means the search boxes built into modern browsers. With this functionality in Nexus, you can now search artifacts (from your instance or ours) just by entering the search terms into your browser search field. Lets take a look at how to set this up:

First browse to a Nexus 1.3.4+ instance such as or In IE or FF, click on the drop down next to the search box:

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer

In FF, select "Add Nexus", in IE, Select "Add Search Provider -> Nexus". This will make it possible to search this Nexus instance by simply selecting it in the dropdown. This works even when you aren't currently browsed to Nexus.

Once you've selected Nexus as the search provider, enter your search term and hit enter:

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