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Book Release 0.4: Password Encryption + Fixing Typos

Yesterday a minor release of the book was pushed to production. This was the first production build of the book from the Maven book's new Github repository. We build the book from the production branch of the Git repository stored here:

To build the book, we run the release:prepare goal and then I merge the release tag into the production branch. Once the production branch has been updated, our Hudson instance will then build and push the updated version of the book to We use Continuous Integration to constantly build a staging version of thes book from the master branch which is published here:

If you are unfamiliar with the Mavan Release plugin and the way that Hudson can interact with various SCM tools, what this really means is that Maven + Hudson turns the release and deployment process for this project into an after-thought. All I have to do is run "mvn release:prepare" and then complete some easy git operations and I have myself a new version of the book. (Want to learn more about this project? Sign up for our training class).

Here is a brief summary of the changes introduced in Edition 0.4:

  • MVNDEF-51
    - Added a section about encrypting passwords in Maven Settings to
    the Settings Appendix - Section A.2.11, “Encrypting Passwords in Maven Settings”
  • MVNDEF-54
    - Added compilation timestamp information to the Maven version
    information in Section 2.4, “Testing a Maven Installation”
  • MVNDEF-52
    - Added the Java Home information to the version output of the Maven
    command in Section 2.4, “Testing a Maven Installation”

Typos fixed include:

  • MVNDEF-59
    - Fixed a typo in POM Relationships chapter. Section 9.6.1, “Grouping Dependencies” contained a Note
    with a type "dependenctManagement" is now
  • MVNDEF-46
    - Fixed a typo in Section 1.7, “Comparing Maven with Ant”, "execute the a" is
    now "execute a"
  • MVNDEF-45
    - Fixed a typo in Section 15.7, “Customizing Site Appearance”, "is created many"
    is now "is creating many"

  • MVNDEF-44

    - Fixed a typo in Section 3.5.2, “Maven Lifecycle”,
    "execute all proceeding phases" is now "execute all preceding

  • MVNDEF-31
    - Verified that typo was previously fixed "weather-servley" is now
    "weather-servlet" in Figure 7.3, “Spring MVC Controllers Referencing Components in simple-weather
    and simple-persist.”
  • MVNDEF-39
    - The compiler plugin's goal prefix is "compiler" not "compile" as
    previously written in Section 17.3.1, “Top-level Plugin Descriptor Elements”
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